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reallocate the /etc/vx/cbr/bk , vg config backup file without any service restart ...

Level 2

1. Create the directory  to copy the vg config backup file .

 # mkdir -p /tech/vgconfigbackup/bk      ( please must create the  "bk" directory )

2. Take the backup of  scripts " /usr/lib/vxvm/voladm.d/lib/ "

# cp /usr/lib/vxvm/voladm.d/lib/  /usr/lib/vxvm/voladm.d/lib/vxcbrlib.sh_bkp<date>

3. Made the required change care fully in below script .

# vi /usr/lib/vxvm/voladm.d/lib/vxcbrlib

comment the existing line "CF_BKUP_BASE_PATH" and change CF_BKUP_BASE_PATH to point to a new location.  

4.  Delete the all old vg configuration file backup from default location .

5. Take the new vg configuration backup and test

6. Check the new vg configuration file backup in new location .




Level 2

other procedure ..


1. check the configuration file  "bk_config" under /etc/vx/cbr .

2. To change the default location for the configuration database , you need update the  /etc/vx/cbr/bk_config

  #echo "CF_BKUP_PATH=/<new_path>" >> /etc/vx/cbr/bk_config
3. Create the new directory  

 like   /tech/vgconfig/bk/

4. We need to restart the "vxconfigbackupd " after all change .

Note : "vxconfigbackupd" can be restarted any time without any impact to running servers regardless whether server is in cluster or not.


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I didn't get your question here, do you want to know which is the best method amongst the two ? or you are suggesting the methods here ?

Also, can you mention on what is the reason to change the default path of config backup ?



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It seems you are 'just sharing info', right?

Please - when you copy & paste from Symantec documentation, remember to quote the document name or the URL.

I see copy & paste from this TN: