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tier level file size


Is there any way to find the size of a file which is divided between different tiers? That is, If a file has some data on tier 1 and on tier 2 and I want to know the exact size of the file on tier 1 and on tier 2.



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#fsmap -a filename

man page is here:



fsmap will only show the extent size. Will it be the "exact" file size on that tier?


The answer may depend on how

The answer may depend on how you want to use the data. Do you want to include the metadata for the file, typically the inodes? There's a metadata option in fsmap as well. That will normally be small relative to the file size, but if you have small files that are highly fragmented, perhaps it might become material. Also, how often are these files changing between when you run the command and when you use the data for whatever purpose? Thinking through other possible issues, if you have sparse files, I'm not sure whether holes are counted, although I suspect not.

Can you describe your goals a bit?