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vxconfigd segmentation violation error


I am encountering "vxconfigd segmentation violation" error in my customer's POC setup on a RHEL 6.5 virtual machine with SF6.1

Tried searching for answers in the support site and came across a few links below however none works.  Have logged a support case however trying to search for any insights concurrently.  Anyone has any ideas?


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Re: vxconfigd segmentation violation error

Re: vxconfigd segmentation violation error

Why are you using SF 6.1? Its pretty old, try Infoscale 7.1.

Re: vxconfigd segmentation violation error

the common causes for vxconfigd segmentation vilolation issues are

1. memory corruption

2. defect in code

to find the root cause of the issue, need application core dump.

if you can patch up both 6.1 and OS.  If patching up 6.1 and OS does not resolve the issue, the vxconfigd core needs to be sent to Veritas support.  if the issue is identified due to code defect, a hotfix maybe made available to you or the fix will be included in the next RP patch release