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vxdmpadm comes with single path after reboots

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We have several Solaris Servers with mix hardware 420, 490, 880, 6800...etc
We reboot all servers weekly.
Problem is after every reboot most of the servers come up with single path for all EMC SAN devices
vxdmpadm getdmpnode enclosure=EMC0 or EMC1 or EMC2 shows single paths for all these servers in question.
Everytime after reboot we have to run "vxdctl enable" and immediately we see both the paths.
I have changed lpfc.conf, /etc/path_to_inst, sd.conf files, but the problem persists.
This has been ongoing for several months now. We have installed all the required patches on the servers.
The servers have Emulex Cards - lpfc9k, lpfc9002, and some have LP8K cards.
We have been working with storage team, but no resolution yet.
Any help will be much appreciated.

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what software are you using Veritas DMP or PowerPath or MPXIO for Multipathing.