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vxresize issue

Level 2

My current filesystem is


                       8.0G   7.8G   231M    98%    /usr/sap/EP4


I run the vxassis and I get


bash-3.00# vxassist -g localdisk_dg maxsize
Maximum volume size: 135606272 (66214Mb)


When I run vxresize, I get this message


bash-3.00# /etc/vx/bin/vxresize -g localdisk_dg vusr_sap-EP4 +1g

UX:vxfs fsadm: ERROR: V-3-20340: attempt to resize /dev/vx/rdsk/localdisk_dg/vusr_sap-EP4 failed with errno 16
VxVM vxresize ERROR V-5-1-7514 Problem running fsadm command for volume vusr_sap-EP4, in diskgroup localdisk_dg


Please help and thanks for looking into this. 


Level 4

to resize a file system, there must be some free space inside original file systems.  In your case, it is already 98% full and only with 231M full,  probably that is the cause of your problem.


Symantec suggests 95% or lower usage before you can try the resize.


Try the following approach

1. /opt/VRTS/bin/df -k to double check the file system (better than /usr/sbin/df  in Veritas world)

2. "fsadm -e -d /usr/sap/EP4" to defragement the file systems

3. try vxresize again, if no luck, try to free up the space under /usr/sap/EP4,  delete whatever you don't need and make it under 95% full.


Tell us your outcome.

Level 2

Actually there were not available inodes left. I ended up doing a fsck on the filesystem, fixing the bad blocks and was able to extend it. Thanks for your help.


"flags 101 mod 0 clean 3c"