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About the FaultOnMonitorTimeouts attribute

Level 2

Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) tries a number of times to monitor the resource. The FaultOnMonitorTimeouts (FOMT) attribute defines whether VCS interprets a monitor function timeout as a resource fault. It determines the number of tries. It indicates how many times the monitor entry point has to consecutively timeout before the resource is declared faulted internally.


FOMT has different values:



Value = 4 (default)

This means that the Monitor function must time out four times in a row before the resource is marked faulted. The first monitor time out timer and the counter of time outs are reset after one hour of the first monitor time out.

Value > 0

If the monitor entry point has timed out that number of times consecutively for a resource, that resource is marked faulted.

Value = 0

VCS does not treat the monitor timeouts as a resource faults. The resource is not declared faulted when the monitor entry point times out.

Value = 1

VCS interprets the timeout as a resource fault, and the agent calls the clean function to shut down the resource.

Value =  CMTC

The available monitor timeout count is exhausted, and VCS must now take corrective action. VCS checks the Frozen attribute for the service group. If the service group is frozen, VCS declares the resource faulted and triggers the resfault event. No further action is taken.


For more information about FOMT, see:



You can find more information on the SORT documents page.