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Configuring VCS with and files

From release 7.0 onwards, VCS is a component that is bundled with InfoScale Availability and InfoScale Enterprise products.

When you configure VCS, the Veritas High Availability Engine needs to know definitions of the cluster, service groups, resources, and dependencies among service groups and resources.

VCS uses the and configuration files to convey the cluster, service groups, and resource definitions. The  file comprises include clauses and definitions for the cluster, systems, service groups, and resources. The SystemList attribute designates the priority order and the list of systems where a service group can come up online. The defines the standard resource types for the VCS engine and the data type that can be set for an attribute. It also defines the parameters that are passed to the VCS engine.

These configuration files can be generated in a variety of ways. For more information, see VCS configuration language. By default, both these files reside in the /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config file.

Only the first online system in the cluster reads the configuration files and keeps it in memory. Systems that are brought online after the first system derive configuration information from the existing systems in the cluster.

You can also define environment variables to further configure VCS. For more information, see VCS environment variables.

You can find other versions of Cluster Server on the SORT documentation page.

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Re: Configuring VCS with and files

The installer creates the VCS configuration file in the /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config folder by default during the VCS configuration. The file contains the minimum information that defines the cluster and its nodes.

The file, which is listed in the include statement in the file, defines the VCS bundled types for VCS resources. The file is also located in the folder /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config.

Additional files similar to may be present if agents have been added, such as

/etc/default/vcsThis file stores the start and stop environment variables for VCS engine:
VCS_START—Defines the startup behavior for VCS engine after a system reboot. Valid values include:

  • 1—Indicates that VCS engine is enabled to start up.
  • 0—Indicates that VCS engine is disabled to start up.

VCS_STOP—Defines the shutdown behavior for VCS engine during a system shutdown. Valid values include:

  • 1—Indicates that VCS engine is enabled to shut down.
  • 0—Indicates that VCS engine is disabled to shut down.

The installer sets the value of these variables to 1 at the end of VCS configuration.  If you manually configured VCS, make sure you set the values of these environment variables to 1.