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Creating two CNFS shares accessible from different nodes

Level 3

Hi everyone,

I'm new to Veritas Cluster, so my terminology will probably not be precise.

Let say we have a two node cluster, nodeA and nodeB,  what I want to do is to configure two nfs shares on Veritas cluster, nfsshare1 and nfsshare2 each with a VIP, those nfs shares will be accessible through different cluster node, for example nfsshare1 will be accessible from nodeA and nfsshare2 from nodeB.

I went through the procedure described on Chapter 16 of the sfcfs admin guide 7.0 for Linux when they recommended to use cfsshare command, however the procedure create a special service group called cfsnfssg while in my case I would probably need two service groups each with a seprate VIP started per default in the corresponding nodes.

So what is the procedure I should follow ?

Thanks in advance