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DFS and Storage Migration

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Hi guys, please I need your help...

Our environment right now is summarized below:


Existing DFS configuration :

1. Two clustered physical servers used as DFS server with dfs namespace \\\public


2. there are 14 folder links to different folders hosting departmental folders and files which are subdivided into userdata and groupdata



3. At the storage level, we have voulmes (LUNs) mapped to these DFS servers from a SanMelody controlled SAN storage hosting the users data.

New Environment.


1. Vmware powered virtualized environment

2. a new dfs server (VM) to host the dfs namespace

3. Storage volumes (LUNs) will be mapped to the new DFS server (VM) from a Sansymphony-V empowered SAN storage.


I have these ideas but I am not sure if any of them will work. here are the two proposals I am thinking:


1. Create a new dfs namespace root hosted by the new VM server ... \\public\2


2. Create an folder link with same name as the existing ones but now being hosted in the new storage volumes mapped to the new DFS server



3. create a DFS replication link  with each folder in the existing and new DFS namespaces


4. Allow the replication to complete and consistent with security


5. Then start cutting over each department to the new namespace (\\\public\2) using very good communication plan


6. Please note that we a looking at a combine 10TB of data here...




1. is it possible to have a new namespace root as mentioned above?


2. can I setup DFS-R between folder of different namesspaces withing same domain?


3. what is the best way to approach and fix this issue?


4. please help DFS gurus.



1. I am looking at setting up an 'pass-through' integration between the SanMelody and Sansymphony virtual storages by presenting the

SANmelody virtual disks to a symphony-v server and then pass that volumes through and back to the original client, with this done one can

then have the ability to mirror (& migrate) the data to disk pools on the other symphony-v server.


2. Then I will use just one down time using DFSUTILS migrate the DFS root to the new DFS Server (VM) from the existing physical DFS server

but with the dfs folder link now pointing to the folders in the VMware sansymphony-V powered storage volume, which by now is hosting exact

same copies above.



1. is it possible to achieve the above?

2. any configuration ideas please?


Now my question is how do I seemlessly migrate DFS folders from his existing  environment to  the new one without distrupting the live



I am looking for solutions that are practicable from experienced DFS/DFS-R gurus, please help me if you have come accross my scenario