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Data Insight 4.5.1: Configuring Hitachi NAS monitoring

Level 3

Data Insight 4.5.1 lets you monitor Hitachi NAS devices running Hitachi System Management Unit (SMU) versions 12.x or later. 

Complete the following tasks to enable Data Insight to monitor a Hitachi NAS file server:

  1. Obtain the necessary user credentials for accessing the Hitachi Enterprise Virtual Server (EVS) host...
  2. On the Hiachi NAS EVS host, create a domain user with necessary privileges.
  3. On the Hitachi NAS file server, configure the audit settings.
  4. Add the Hitachi NAS EVS to Data Insight.

For more information about configuring Hitachi NAS monitoring, see About configuring Hitachi NAS.

​Data Insight documentation for other releases can be found on the SORT website.