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How to add cfsmount to new mount point

Level 6

My system is running solaris 9 with MP4.1 old version VCS due to the upgrade the latest version involve a lot of error so still using this version of VCS.

Let me summaris my problem:

I add the new disk to existing disk group db5_datadg and create new  db5_datadgd04_vol, the new mount point in db9.  The db5_datadg disk group associated with the oracle_db5 service group.  My purpose is to new  db5_datadgd04_vol to mount the new mount point /db9 to bring cluster online both node.  

I want to service group oracle_db5 to online the new mount point /db9 managed by VCS.

db5_datadgd01 /db5/d01

db5_datadgd02 /db5/d02

db5_datadgd03 /db5/d03

 db5_datadgd04  /db5/db9 -----------------------new volume to bring it online by VCS

Can you please advice the command to do that ?




Level 3

The essential commands would be something like:

hares -add NewCFSMount CFSMount oracle_db5
hares -modify NewCFSMount Critical 0
hares -modify NewCFSMount "/db9"
hares -modify NewCFSMount BlockDevice "/dev/vx/dsk/db5_datadg/db5_datadgd04_vol"
hares -modify NewCFSMount Enabled 1
hares -link NewCFSMount DGResource
hares -link Application NewCFSMount

Substituting your names for those parts in italics. Once you're happy that the resource is behaving, then:

hares -modity NewCFSMount Critical 1

Two things way of getting more familiar with the the commands. Firstly the documentation. For CFS take a look at the SF CFS installation guide, which contains information about the relevant agent. The Bundled Agents Reference Guide is another key document. Secondly, in /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config you should find a file, main.cmd. This contains all the commands needed to recreate all the configuration files. So it contains those for your existing resources. If it doesn't exist running:

hacf -verify /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config

will create it.

Thank you Sir ! I will try it and get back to you result