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InfoScale 7.0.1 for UNIX: Veritas' proprietary IPM-based communication protocol is no longer supported

Level 3

Inter Process Messaging (IPM) is a VCS-specific communication protocol used by application cluster servers and CP servers. From InfoScale 7.0.1 release onwards, IPM-based communication, which is used for communication between CP servers and VCS clusters, is no longer supported.

Before release 7.0.1, you could configure IPM and HTTPS protocols for communication between application cluster servers and CP servers. From release 7.0.1, only HTTPS communication is allowed between CP servers and cluster servers. With IPM protocol no longer being supported, Veritas recommends upgrading InfoScale Availability clusters to release version 6.1 or higher. 

Note that with IPM communication no longer supported, the installer script does not ask details to configure IPM for cluster servers.

Refer to the flow chart below to know whether your CP server version supports IPM-based communication.




For more information, refer to the ‘Changes introduced in 7.0.1’ section in the Release Notes on SORT.

Veritas InfoScale documentation for other releases and platforms can be found on the SORT website.