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InfoScale 7.0 for UNIX: Overview of product family and licensing

Level 3

From release 7.0 onwards, the Storage Foundation and High Availability product suite is rebranded to InfoScale. With InfoScale 7.0, you get to choose from a simplified product suite comprising of four products. The InfoScale product suite consists of the following products: InfoScale Enterprise, InfoScale Availability, InfoScale Storage, and InfoScale Foundation. With the simplification of products, there are only four licenses to choose from, one for each product.

InfoScale product addresses use cases from the storage and or availability domain. The table lists the products and their components to give you an overall view and capabilities of each product.

Product                Component          Value Proposition
InfoScale Family - Product and component mapping

InfoScale Foundation

Storage Foundation Basic offering targeting storage management
InfoScale Storage

Storage Foundation

Comprehensive storage management
InfoScale       Availability

Cluster Server

Application availability and disaster recovery
InfoScale Enterprise

Storage Foundation





Cluster Server

Application availability in addition to comprehensive storage management

During product license registration, the license program registers all the components that are bundled for a product. For example, when you register the license for InfoScale Storage, the license program registers licenses for Storage Foundation and Storage Foundation and Cluster File System components. Once you install the product, you can choose which components to configure based on your business goals and workload requirements.

The mode of purchasing license has not changed. While installing the product you can either enter the license key and install the product or opt for keyless licensing in which case you select a product level to license a particular product. Note that with keyless licensing, you have a period of 60 days to purchase the license. With keyless licensing, you need to mandatorily register the license in the Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager (VIOM) management tool.

Ways to license an InfoScale Product

Registering a license can be through the installer script or manual installation or upgrade to an InfoScale product. To register a license by the installer script, it prompts you to enter the license during the installation process. With the manual license registration procedure, you need to run the vxlicinst command to enter the license key and register the product. When you upgrade to an InfoScale product, you need to run the vxlicinstupgrade command to enter the license key and register the product. The vxlicinstupgrade command also allows upgrade from a temporary license to a permanent license, and manages co-existence of InfoScale products. For more details, see the vxlicinstupgrade binary.

For more information on product overview and licensing, refer to the following sections:

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The links in this article are specific to the Linux platform. Veritas InfoScale documentation for other releases and platforms can be found on the SORT website.