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InfoScale 7.0 for UNIX: Overview of use cases addressed by the InfoScale family

Level 3

The Veritas InfoScale 7.0 product comprises of four products. It is redesigned and rebranded from the erstwhile Storage Foundation, Cluster File System, and High Availability products. The four new products contain components from the erstwhile Storage Foundation and or Cluster Server products to address specific use cases in the Storage and High Availability domain.

InfoScale Foundation – Is the base offering for customers targeting basic storage management. Is the entry-level product in the InfoScale product family.  InfoScale Foundation combines the industry-leading File System and Volume Manager technology, and delivers a complete solution for heterogeneous online storage management while increasing storage utilization and enhancing storage I/O path availability. Note that as InfoScale Foundation is targeted at basic storage management, some storage features which are available in the more advanced products such as InfoScale Storage and InfoScale Enterprise are not bundled with InfoScale Foundation.

InfoScale Storage – Is positioned to address the Software Defined Storage (SDS) market and provides comprehensive storage management. In addition to the Veritas File System and Veritas Volume Manager technology, this product also includes additional storage features such as Thin Storage reclamation, Veritas File System snapshots, FSS, SmartIO features to improve storage usage efficiency and enhance performance. InfoScale Storage enables businesses to provision and manage storage across hardware types while delivering performance and better storage efficiency. Another important component of InfoScale Storage is Veritas Replicator technology that enables replication of data over geographically distributed data centers over standard IP network. InfoScale Storage also provides the benefit of Veritas Cluster File System, allows clustered severs to mount and use a file system simultaneously as if all applications using the file system were running on the same server.

InfoScale Availability – Is positioned to provide extensive capability for application availability. It includes Cluster Server and High Availability Disaster Recovery (HA DR) components to provide high availability of applications, virtual business services running on premises or across globally distributed data centers. The High Availability and Disaster Recovery components allow cluster nodes to failover to a remote site using the Global Cluster Option (GCO) functionality. The Enterprise and Bundled agents provide functionality failover, replicate and provide HA to applications running on the cluster nodes.

InfoScale Enterprise – Is positioned to provide extensive application availability with Software Defined Storage in the InfoScale Storage product. InfoScale Enterprise provides CFSHA functionality, where your applications can be clustered not only to provide CFS functionality but also HA to these applications. It also provides Veritas Replication technology, Cluster Server, High Availability and Disaster Recovery capabilities. This product addresses IT business continuity services by providing resiliency and software defined storage for mission critical applications.

Note: DMP for VMware component is bundled along with all the InfoScale products, except for InfoScale Availability. It provides multipathing for compatible storage arrays. The compatibility of storage arrays can be found in the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) on SORT web site.

Product Components
Veritas InfoScale™ Foundation Storage Foundation (SF) Standard 
Veritas InfoScale™ Storage Storage Foundation (SF) Enterprise including Replication
Veritas InfoScale™ Availability

Cluster Server (VCS)


Veritas InfoScale™ Enterprise                                                                                                                     

Cluster Server (VCS)


Storage Foundation (SF) Enterprise including Replication

Storage Foundation and High Availability (SFHA)

Storage Foundation Cluster File System High Availability (SFCFSHA)

Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC (SF Oracle RAC)

Storage Foundation for Sybase ASE CE (SFSYBASECE) (supported only on RHEL 6 and Solaris SPARC 10 platforms)

Note: ApplicationHA and Veritas Risk Advisor are not included in the InfoScale product family and remain independent products.

For more information on the InfoScale Products, refer to the Component of InfoScale Product Suite .

The links in this article are specific to the Linux platform. Veritas InfoScale documentation for other releases and platforms can be found on the SORTwebsite.