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InfoScale 7.0 for Windows: Installing InfoScale products using the VMware vSphere Client integrated option

Level 4

In a VMware environment, after you install Symantec High Availability Console, Veritas InfoScale integrates with VMware vSphere Client and provides the following user interfaces:

  • Install Guest Components option in the context menu

  • Symantec High Availability Tab at a virtual machine level

  • Symantec High Availability Dashboard at a VMware cluster or at a data center level

These user interfaces can be used to perform the following InfoScale tasks through VMware vSphere Client:

  • Manage InfoScale licenses
  • Perform application monitoring administrative tasks

  • Configure application monitoring in VMware SRM environment

Until the 6.1 release of Symantec Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions, you could install ApplicationHA and Veritas Cluster Server for Windows through VMware vSphere Client. 

With the 7.0 release, InfoScale product installation in a VMware environment using the VMware vSphere Client-integrated option is deprecated.

The Install Guest Components option continues to appear in the context menu. However, you cannot install the InfoScale products using this option. The installation wizard does not list the InfoScale products on the Product Selection page.

To install the InfoScale products use the product installer or the CLI.

For information about installing the InfoScale products, see:

Veritas InfoScale™ Installation and Upgrade Guide

InfoScale documentation for other platforms can be found on the SORT website.