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LLT low priority links

Hello Guys,

We have 2 hight priority links and we need to add additinal 2 low priority links. The OS is AIX.  Do we need to stop, llt, gab and had to do that?

Can anyone provide the steps?  Thanks in advance.

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See post - this shows offline method (editing llttab) and also online method using lltconfig.

Note offline method means you need to offline llt, but you can keep apps running if you use "hastop -all -force" as in the link above.  Commands are the same for all UNIX including Linux and AIX, but the format of the device paths to the NICs may differ.


Hello MIke If I want to do on

Hello MIke

If I want to do on fly, I can  use the following command to be online, and then modify /etc/llttab file and add those info. Once the system is rebooted next current settings will apply.  Am I right?



lltconfig -u <xxxxxx>

And add the new low-pri link using:

lltconfig -t <xxxx>  -d /dev/<xxxxxx> -b ether -l 

The "-l" is for low pri.

Correct - changes made by

Correct - changes made by lltconfig are not persisent, so you need to modify llttab, which is why it is probably easier just to modify llttab and then stop and restart llt (with hastop -all -force) and this way you can be sure that you have modified the /etc/llttab file correctly.  The downside of force stopping VCS is that VCS cannot failover service group once you have stopped VCS, until you start VCS again and resources have been probed.