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Replication and Failover Product for SQL 2008 server

Hello All,

I do not really know much about Clustering, Replication and Failover. I know the concepts from a hardware firewall and some discussions.

I have a client that requires Replication of data on an SQL server from one location to the other SQL server at the remote site.

I think Replication Exec may work from the name.

What are the things I need to put in place and what Symantec product do I need to use in order to achieve this request.

The client initially wanted Backup Exec 2014. But his request is more than just backup and restore.

All the help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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In order to get replication

In order to get replication you need Storage Foundation licensed with the Volume Replicator product.  This will take all block level changes and replicate it to the remote data center.  


If your customer wants high availability (Clustering) and the SQL data is stored on a SAN or iSCSI drive, then you would want to look at Storage Foundation HA, which entitles the customer to use our clustering product.


With SF HA + VR, you would get two servers at the production site so that you are protected from hardware failure, and then you would also get protection from site failures through the replication option.


Hope that helps,




Hi Chris, I am very grateful

Hi Chris,

I am very grateful for this information. I really appreciate it thank you.

This means i have to start reading up and practicing Storage foundation and volume replicator.

You're welcome!   Start you

You're welcome!


Start you reading at  it has all things SF/VCS/VR, etc, including the manuals.


Have a great weekend,




Thx so much Chris, You have

Thx so much Chris,

You have really made my day.