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SDRO 6.1: Hotfix available for using SFW or VSS COW snapshots

Level 3

A new hotfix for Symantec Disaster Recovery Orchestrator (SDRO) 6.1 lets you correctly handle snapshots. Without this hotfix, SDRO cannot correctly handle snapshots created using Symantec Storage Foundation for Windows (SFW) or Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) Copy-on-Write (COW). You can use SFW or VSS COW to create snapshots of the application data volumes or the replication volumes that are associated with an application recovery configuration. However, after you create the snapshots, if you start, stop, pause, or resume the replication activity, the system crashes.

Hotfix_6_1_00001_129_3504056 addresses this issue by updating the kernel component that manages the file replication. The VxRep.sys file is updated to version

After you apply this hotfix, SDRO 6.1 can correctly handle the snapshots of application data volumes and replication volumes that are created using SFW or VSS COW.

For information about the pre-installation, installation, and post-installation procedures, refer to the Readme file that is available with the hotfix at:

For information about SDRO 6.1, refer to the product guides (PDFs and HTML pages) that are available on the SORT documentation page.