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SFHA Solutions 6.0.1: About supported Solaris virtualization technologies

Level 2


Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability (SFHA) supports the following Solaris virtualization technologies:

  • Solaris Zones - Solaris Zones, also known as non-global zones is an operating system-level virtualization technology, which lets you virtualize operating system services to create an isolated environment for running applications. Non-global zones function as completely isolated virtual servers with a single operating system instance. The non-global zones also called as native zones on Solaris 10 and "solaris" brand zones on Oracle Solaris 11.
  • Branded Zones - Branded zones are an extension of the Solaris Zone infrastructure. A branded zone is a non-native zone that lets individual zones emulate an operating system environment other than the native environment of the global operating system. For example, you can run a Solaris 10 operating environment on an Oracle Solaris 11 operating system as a "solaris10" brand zone.
  • Solaris Projects - The Solaris operating system provides a facility called projects to identify workloads. The project serves as an administrative tag, which you can use to group useful and related work. For example, you can create one project for a sales application and another project for a marketing application. By placing all processes related to the sales application in the sales project and the processes for the marketing application in the marketing project, you can separate and control the workloads in a way that makes sense to the business.
  • Oracle VM for SPARC - The Oracle VM Server for SPARC was formally known as Solaris Logical Domains (LDOMs). Oracle VM Server for SPARC is a virtualization technology that lets you create independent virtual machine environments on the same physical system. Oracle VM Server for SPARC provides a virtualized computing environment abstracted from all physical devices, which lets you consolidate and centrally manage your workloads on a system. The logical domains can be specified roles such as a control domain, service domain, I/O domain, and guest domain. Each domain is a full virtual machine where you can start, stop, and reboot the operating systems independently.

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For more information, see:
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