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SFHA Solutions 6.0.1: About the MultiNICA and the MultiNICB network agents

Level 4

You use networking agents to provide high availability for networking resources. The MultiNICA and MultiNICB agents support IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. The networking agents also support EtherChannel, which aggregates multiple network interfaces so that they appear as a single interface.

The MultiNICA agent manages a set of network interfaces and provides failover capabilities between them. You can use the MultiNICA agent along with the IPMultiNIC agent to make IP addresses on multiple-adapter systems highly available or to monitor them. Each interface in a MultiNICA resource has a base IP address. You can use one base IP address for all interfaces, or you can specify a different IP address for use with each interface. You need to localize the device attribute of the MultiNICA resource and configure different base IP addresses per system in the cluster. When you localize an attribute, you provide different values for the device attribute per system in the cluster.

For information on how to localize an attribute, see:

Defining attributes as local

The MultiNICB agent (not available on Linux) works with the IPMultiNICB agent. The MultiNICB agent allows IP addresses to fail over to multiple interfaces on the same system before Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) tries to fail over to another system. You can use the MultiNICB agent to make IP addresses on multiple-adapter systems highly available or to monitor them.

For information on the MultiNICA network agent, see:

For information on the MultiNICB network agent, see:

You can also find information about the MultiNICA network agent, the MultiNICB network agent, and information on localizing an attribute in the PDF versions of the following guides:

Veritas Cluster Server documentation for other platforms and releases can be found on the SORT website.