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SFHA Solutions 6.1: Support for centralized installations using the Deployment Server

Level 4

Introduced in this release, the Deployment Server is a script that makes it easier to install or upgrade SFHA releases. The Deployment Server lets you store multiple release images in one central location and deploy them to systems of any supported UNIX or Linux operating system (6.1 or later). Prior to 6.1, releases still require the same platform, architecture, distribution, and version of the operating system. You can use the Deployment Server if you want to install or upgrade multiple releases and or multiple platforms.

The Deployment Server script lets you do the following:

Manage release images -

  • View available Storage Foundation releases.
  • Download maintenance and hot fix release images from the Symantec Operations Readiness Tools (SORT) website into a repository.
  • Load the downloaded release image files from FileConnect and SORT into the repository.
  • View and remove release image files stored in the repository.

Check versions -

  • Discover packages and patches installed on designated systems and informs you of the product and version installed, including installed hot fixes.
  • Identify base, maintenance, and hot fix level upgrades to your system and download maintenance and hot fix releases.
  • Query SORT for the most recent updates.

Install or upgrade systems -

  • Install or upgrade a release stored in the repository on selected systems.
  • In release 6.1 and later:
    • Install hot fix level releases.
    • Install SFHA from any supported UNIX or Linux operating system to any other supported UNIX or Linux operating system.
    • Automatically load the script-based installer hot fixes that apply to that release.

For information on the Deployment Server, see:

Symantec Storage Foundation and High Availability documentation for other releases and platforms can be found on the SORT website.