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SFHA Solutions 6.1: Upgrading SFHA on Solaris 10 using Live Upgrade

You can use the Symantec product installer to upgrade Storage Foundation and High Availability (SFHA) on a new boot environment on Solaris 10 systems.

On Solaris 10 or previous releases, Solaris Live Upgrade lets you upgrade a system while the system continues to operate. The Live Upgrade process creates an alternate boot environment (ABE) from the current boot environment and then upgrades the ABE. Once the ABE is upgraded, you can activate the ABE and then reboot the system.

Creating a boot environment on an alternate boot disk reduces the downtime associated with an operating system upgrade and SFHA product upgrade.

The systems where you plan to use Live Upgrade must run Solaris 9 or Solaris 10 and the existing SFHA version must be at least 5.0 MP3. Symantec requires that both global and non-global zones run the same version of Symantec products.

Upgrading SFHA on Solaris 10 involves the following:

Creating a new Solaris 10 boot environment on the alternate boot disk

Upgrading SFHA using the installer for Solaris 10 Live Upgrade

Completing the Solaris 10 Live Upgrade

Verifying the Solaris 10 Live Upgrade of SFHA


For SFHA, the nodes do not form a cluster until all of the nodes are upgraded. After performing the Live Upgrade of the last node, all the nodes must boot from the alternate boot environment and join the cluster.

To know more about Live Upgrade, see:

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Symantec Storage Foundation and High Availability documentation for other releases and platforms can be found on the SORT website.