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SFHA Solutions 6.1: Using AdaptiveHA to select the largest system for failover

Level 2

Symantec Cluster Server (VCS) service groups are virtual containers that manage groups of resources required to run a managed application. The FailOverPolicy service group attribute governs how VCS determines the target system for failover. 

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When you set FailOverPolicy to BiggestAvailable, AdaptiveHA enables VCS to dynamically select the cluster node with the most available resources to fail over an application. VCS monitors and forecasts the unused capacity of systems in terms of CPU, Memory, and Swap, to select the largest available system.

If you set FailOverPolicy to BiggestAvailable for a service group, you must specify the load values in terms such as, 1 CPU, 1GB RAM, and 1GB SWAP, in the Load service group attribute. You only need to specify those resources that are used by the service group. For example, if the service group does not use the Swap resource, only specify the CPU and Memory resources in the Load attribute.

Note: The Load FailOverPolicy is being deprecated after this release. Symantec recommends that you change to the BiggestAvailable FailOverPolicy for enabling AdaptiveHA.

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If you upgrade VCS manually, ensure that you update the VCS configuration file ( to enable AdaptiveHA. When you upgrade from an older version of VCS using the installer, the file gets automatically upgraded.

For more information, see Manually upgrading the VCS configuration file to the latest version

VCS documentation for other platforms and releases can be found on the SORT website.