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SFHA Solutions 6.1: Using Install Bundles to easily install or upgrade your systems

Level 4
Employee Accredited

You can use Install Bundles to easily install or upgrade your systems directly to a base, maintenance, or hot fix level in one step. The installer is executed from a base release with a pointer to a higher maintenance or hot fix release. The installer installs both releases as if they were combined in the same release image.

In earlier releases, you had to perform two or more install actions in order to install or upgrade systems to maintenance or hot fix levels. Multiple installation actions required multiple start and stop actions and restarting the system. With Install Bundles, introduced in 6.1, the various scripts, packages, and patch components are merged, and multiple releases are installed together as if they are one installation entity.

The new installer functionality divides releases into the following three categories:

  • Base
  • Maintenance
  • Hot fix

There are four possible methods of integration. All execution must be executed from the highest level base or maintenance level install script.

  1. Base + maintenance
  2. Base + hot fix
  3. Maintenance + hot fix
  4. Base + maintenance + hot fix

For more information on using Install Bundles, see:

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Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability documentation for other platforms and releases can be found on the SORT website.