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SFHA Solutions 6.2 (Aix): Configuring IBM PowerVM LPAR guest for disaster recovery

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The IBM PowerVM is configured for disaster recovery by replicating the boot disk using the replication methods like Hitachi TrueCopy and EMC SRDF. IBM has its own rootvg replication technology like duplicating and cloning utility. The network configuration for the LPAR on the primary site may not be effective on the secondary site, if the two sites are in different IP subnets.

To apply the different network configurations on the different sites, you need to make additional configuration changes to the LPAR resource. For more info about how to set up the LPAR guest (managed LPAR) for disaster recovery, please refer to the section “Configuring IBM PowerVM LPAR guest for disaster recovery” in the Disaster Recovery Implementation Guide

Symantec Storage Foundation and High Availability documentation is available on the SORT website