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SFHA Solutions 6.2: Installing Storage Foundation and High Availability (SFHA) using Red Hat Satellite server

Level 4
Employee Accredited

Beginning in this release, you can install Storage Foundation and High Availability (SFHA) on your system with Red Hat Satellite server 5.6. Red Hat Satellite server installation is supported for RHEL6 and RHEL7 operating systems.

Red Hat Satellite server is a systems management solution. You can manage the system by creating a channel, which is a collection of software RPMs. Using the channel, you can segregate the RPMs by defining some rules. For example, a channel may contain RPMs only from a specific Red Hat distribution or a channel may contain SFHA RPMs for custom usage in your organization's network. You can install RPMs and rolling patches on the systems that the Red Hat Satellite server manages.

You can use the Red Hat Satellite server to:

  • Inventory the hardware and the software information of your systems.
  • Install and update software on systems.
  • Collect and distribute custom software RPMs into manageable groups.
  • Provision (Kickstart) systems.
  • Manage and deploy configuration files to systems.
  • Monitor your systems.
  • Provision virtual guests.
  • Start, stop, and configure virtual guests.

For more information on the Red Hat Satellite server, see:


Symantec Storage Foundation and High Availability documentation for other releases and platforms can be found on the SORT website.