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SFHA Solutions 6.2: Support for centralized installations using the Deployment Server

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The Deployment Server was introduced in the 6.1 release. The deploy_sfha script makes it easier to install or upgrade Storage Foundation and High Availability (SFHA) releases. The Deployment Server lets you store a list of patches and packages in one central location. This list of patches and packages are installed in an install template. You can deploy them to systems of any supported UNIX or Linux operating system (6.1 or later) using a DVD image of the binaries. 

In the 6.2 release, new features have been added to the Deployment Server. You can now:

Define Install Bundles

  • Create a combination of base, maintenance, and patch releases and install or upgrade in one operation.
  • Directly install the latest base, maintenance, and patch releases on your system. 
  • Install Bundles can be used to install the 6.0.1 and 6.0.5 releases together, however incorporating patch releases with Install Bundles is not supported with version 6.0.5.  From the SFHA version 6.1 release onwards, Install Bundles are supported with different release level combinations.

Create Install Templates

  • Discover installed components (RPMs, patches, products, or versions) on a system that you want to replicate.
  • Install the discovered components on other systems by referencing the template. 

Connect the Deployment Server to SORT using a proxy server

  • A proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients, for connecting the Deployment Server to the Symantec Operations Readiness Tools (SORT) website.
  • Before you launch the Deployment Server, enable the proxy access and run the necessary commands to set the shell environment variables.

Filter platforms

  • In the Set Preference menu, choose Selected Platforms to filter the platforms that are currently being used in the deployment environment.

For information on the Deployment Server, see:

The Deployment Server is available only from the command line. The Deployment Server is not available for the web-based installer.

Symantec Storage Foundation and High Availability documentation for other releases and platforms can be found on the SORT website.