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SFHA Solutions: Stopping vxpal processes

Level 4

vxpal is part of Veritas Enterprise Administrator (VEA), specifically, the VRTSobc package. VEA is included as part of Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability (SFHA). Veritas Operations Manager depends on VEA for some Veritas Storage Foundation (SF) operations and some alerts, but not all operations in Veritas Operations Manager depend on VEA.

vxpal is deprecated in the latest version of VEA (3.4). Veritas CommandCentral Storage, however, still requires VEA 3.3 with vxpal to discover arrays. Veritas CommandCentral Storage does not work with VEA 3.4.

vxpal is used by the following Symantec products:

  • Veritas Operations Manager
  • Veritas CommandCentral Storage
  • VEA UI

Multiple vxpal processes may be running that you might want to stop. Each instance of vxpal that
is running is specific to an agent. For example, StorageAgent (SF), HAL agent (Veritas CommandCentral Storage), or VAILAgent (VEA).

For example, to stop a vxpal process, you would enter the following command:

vxpal -a StorageAgent -c stop

For more information on stopping vxpal processes, see the TechNote:

VEA tasks will not work even when logged in as root

For users running Veritas CommandCentral Storage or earlier versions of VEA (prior to VEA 3.4), see the vxpal man page.

vxpal (1M) manual page

For more information on vxpal, see:

Veritas Storage Foundation Manager Administrator's Guide