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SORT 3.9: Increased product support, improved navigation highlight new release

Level 4

Symantec Operations Readiness Tools (SORT) 3.9 introduces several new features and benefits.
More product support

Now you can:

  • Run the SORT data collector in a Veritas Operations Manager environment.
  • Look up patches for Symantec Disaster Recovery Advisor using the Patch Finder and Patch Table.
  • Display detailed operating system support for Symantec Data Insight on the product matrix page.

Improved navigation and search

The SORT website has been revamped to give you quicker access to important features. There are new pages for:

Customized displays

You can customize the SORT website so that it only displays information about the operating system platforms you are interested in. For example, you can specify that all drop-down lists, tables, and so on, only display Linux information.

To learn more, sign in to your SymAccount and select:

My Account > Preferences
Expanded reports

  • Risk Assessment reports include several new Veritas Volume Replicator checks including the Verify Bandwidth Limit check, the Storage Replication Log (SRL) Stripped and Mirrored check, and the SRL Protection Set to Data Change Map (DCM) Risk Assessment Check.
  • VxExplorer now includes a report summary option.

Easier downloads

Now you can:

  • Download data collectors from the top level Download menu.
  • Connect to the Apple iTunes store from the SORT Mobile page to quickly download the SORT Mobile application.

For more information about SORT, see SORT News.