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Sharing a SFHA/CFS filesystem between Physical and VM servers

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Hello, and good afternoon to you all.

For one of our cluster deployments, we've been requested to create a Cluster Shared Filesystem including 9 physical servers and 3 VMware VMs (vSphere 5.0 or 5.5, if this matters), all running RHEL6.5. The VMs would be using RDM-P and adhering to all the CFS-inside-a-VM stuff, as always.

Performance and sizing issues aside, is this a supported configuration for SFCFSHA? I know using this for VCS is fully supported (and even advertised), but I can't seem to find the mention to this on CFS mounts.

Thanks for the attention



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This should be ok, - as you say this is supported for VCS, as it says at,

Veritas Cluster Server users can choose how they want to architect their application failover environment: virtual to virtual, virtual to physical, physical to virtual – each configuration is supported

So should be ok with CFS as CFS is supported using VMWare - see

If you are using RDMP then really the VM is no different from a physical server