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Symantec Data Insight 4.5: Using the Self-Service Portal to manage data remediation

Level 3

Organizations that store a lot of data on Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices may find these resources difficult to manage. As the amount of data increases, it becomes difficult to track remediation actions on resources that may reside on file shares and SharePoint servers within an organization. Typically, security and storage administrators must manually inform data owners about issues with their resources. ​

Symantec Data Insight 4.5 enables you to engage data owners for effective data governance by creating remediation workflows. You can use workflows to distribute remediation tasks to identified custodians and data owners. 

For more information, see About remediation workflows.

For information about custodians and how to assign them in Data Insight, see the Symantec Data Insight User's Guide.

The Data Insight administrator performs the following tasks to assign resources to custodians and data owners:

  • Creates reports within Data Insight to find data that resides on file shares and SharePoint servers, and that require remediation. 
  • Assigns data owners to the identified resources. Ownership can be assigned from within the Data Insight console or while creating the remediation workflow. 
  • Creates a workflow template. 
  • Creates a unique workflow instance based on a workflow template and submits it for action to the custodians or data owners.

For more information see, Creating a workflow using a template.

Data Insight 4.5 includes a new web-based Self-Service Portal that enables large-scale remediation processes and workflows. The portal provides custodians and data owners an interface to complete the tasks assigned as a part of a workflow. The portal helps to track remediation tasks to ensure that custodians and data owners meet their organization's security requirements. 

For more information, see About the Self-Service Portal.

See also: Configuring the Self-Service Portal settings

The custodians and data owners receive an email notification with a link to the workflow that is assigned for their action. They can use the link in the notification to log in to the Self-Service Portal.

See Logging in to the Self-Service Portal.

Custodians can use the Self-Service Portal to complete the following remediation workflows:

The Data Insight administrator can track the progress of the submitted workflows. For more information, see Monitoring the progress of a workflow.

For information about configuring and using the Self-Service Portal, see the Self-Service Portal Quick Start Guide.

Data Insight 4.5 documentation can be found on the SORT website.