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Understanding V-16-2-13074: The monitoring program for resource name has consistently failed to determine the resource status within the expected time. Agent is restarting (attempt number number of total) the resource

In Veritas Cluster Server (VCS), an agent monitors the status of resources. A resource can be in one of the following states:

  •          ONLINE
  •          OFFLINE
  •          UNKNOWN


However, sometimes a problem can occur. If the agent cannot determine the status of the resource within a predetermined time, the agent restarts the resource.

Problems can occur, when:

• If an ONLINE resource is reported OFFLINE without any offline operation performed from within VCS, or the resource is offlined from outside of VCS control, also known as unexpected Offline.

• If FaultOnMonitorTimeouts (FOMT) is reached i.e., the monitor entry point has timed out FOMT times.

• If the OFFLINE entry point is ineffective and the monitor entry point timed out after that. This is not the case of unexpected Offline.


The error message V-16-2-13074 shows in the log if all the following conditions are met in order:

• Monitored resource is faulted.

• ManageFaults != NONE.

• Clean entry point is executed successfully. (If clean fails then clean entry point is called only until the CleanRetryLimit attribute is reached).

• It is not the case of unexpected Offline.

• The agent restarts the resource. (It happens only if the RestartLimit attribute is not reached)


This error applies to all platforms and releases.

To solve this issue:

• Check whether the return status of the monitor returns OFFLINE.

• Check whether the monitor is timed out. This is because the ineffective Offline or the system heavily loaded results in multiple monitor timeouts.


For details about monitoring the resources, see:

How VCS handles resource faults Controlling VCS behavior


For more information, go to the SORT website.