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Understanding the V-16-1-10600 error message for UNIX

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The V-16-1-10600 error message is generated in response to an operation on objects such as clusters, systems, groups, and resources. The error message may display in the engine log when a Symantec Cluster Server (VCS) resource is configured for a Solaris local zone. The error may also occur after a power outage when one node fails to join a cluster after issuing the hastart command.

When a VCS resource is configured for a Solaris local zone

This instance of the error indicates that when a resource is configured to run inside a Solaris local zone, the VCS commands cannot connect to the VCS engine (HAD) directly. This error is most likely caused by running VCS commands (e.g. halog) when the halogin environment is not set up properly.  For example, in the VCS entry point scripts, it is common to call halog (through the VCSAG_LOG_MSG or VCSAG_LOGDBG_MSG functions) to log a message to the engine log.

In order for the VCS commands to connect to the VCS engine, you should set up the halogin environment in the local zone. Therefore, Symantec recommends that you use the hazonesetup command to set up a proper halogin environment for the VCS commands to run successfully inside a Solaris local zone.

To setup VCS zones using the hazonesetup command, enter the following:

# hazonesetup –g servicegroup_name –r zoneres_name –z zone_name –p password –a –s system1,system2, ….systemN  


  • servicegroup_name  – the name of the service group
  • zoneres_name – the name of the VCS Zone resource to be created
  • zone_name – the name of the Solaris local zone
  • password – a new password for the service group administrator

Note that after you run the hazonesetup command, you may find the .vcshost and .vcspwd files in the local zone. The /etc/VRTSvcs/.vcshost file contains the hostname of the global zone. The .vcspwd file contains the encrypted password for the VCS zone user. If the DeleteVCSZoneUser attribute of the Zone resource is set to 1, when VCS takes a zone resource offline, the .vcspwd file is removed. For more information, see:

hazonesetup(1M) manual page:

For more information, see:

When one node fails to join a cluster after a power outage

This instance of the error often occurs with the VCS WARNING V-16-1-11046 Local system not available error. This error occurs when a power outage causes VCS to not shutdown properly.

If this error occurs, you must manually start the Global Atomic Broadcast (GAB) process and other processes using the following commands:

  • # svcadm enable gab
  • # svcadm enable llt 
  • # svcadm enable vcs

For more information about manually starting the GAB, Low Latency Transport (LLT), and VCS, see:

Symantec Storage Foundation and High Availability documentation for other releases and platforms can be found on the SORT website.