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Understanding the V-16-1-40130 error message for UNIX

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Understanding the V-16-1-40130 error message for UNIX


The hares command administers resources in a Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) cluster. Resources are individual representations of the elements that are required for a service group to be available, such as a volume, a database, or an IP address. Among the many hares options, -display and –state are frequently used to display resource information:

# hares –display resource_name

# hares -state resource_name

Error conditions

Sometimes, when you run theses commands, you get the following message:

VCS WARNING V-16-1-40130 Resource name does not exist in the local cluster

The error occurs when the resource is not configured in the local cluster. When the resource is configured in a remote cluster, the message is also displayed, but is followed with the resource state in the remote cluster.

Investigating the error

If you want to check the resources that are configured in the local cluster or in a global group, execute the following command:

# hares –list

Then you can examine the information of any resources appear in the output by re-entering either of the previous commands:

For resources in the local cluster:

# hares –display resource_name

# hares -state resource_name


For resources in a global group:

# hares –display resource_name –clus local_cluster_name/remote_cluster_name

# hares -state resource_name –clus local_cluster_name/remote_cluster_name

If you need to, you can also administer the resources by:

You can find more Veritas InfoScale and SFHA Solutions documentation on the SORT website.