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Using the SORT data collector to gather information for Symantec Technical Support

Level 4

The Symantec Operations Readiness Tools (SORT) data collector enables you to collect and submit a VxExplorer archive. The VxExplorer archive is a troubleshooting archive that contains configuration files and logs. VxExplorer does not collect customer data. You can send this archive to Symantec Technical Support for problem diagnosis and troubleshooting.

You can download the SORT data collector from the SORT website on the My SORT page. Once you have downloaded the SORT data collector, you can run the SORT data collector from the command line using the -vxexplorer option. The SORT data collector supports all versions of Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability products version 4.0 and later.

The SORT data collector enables you to perform the following administrative tasks:

  • Collect VxExplorer data from multiple servers using operating system based Remote Shell (RSH) or Secure Shell (SSH) remote functionality.
  • Generate custom reports to:
    • Assess whether your systems meet the requirements to install or upgrade Symantec products
    • List the Symantec enterprise products and versions installed on your system
    • Recommend ways you can optimize your configuration
    • Analyze your Symantec enterprise products and license key usage
  • Automatically upload your data to the /incoming directory of
  • Determine if a specified server is part of a cluster and add the other cluster node(s) to the data collection/VxExplorer process (partial cluster check).
  • Automatically upgrade the data collector script. If the server does not have an Internet connection, this functionality is automatically disabled. You can also manually disable automatic upgrades by updating the sortdc.conf configuration file. See the SORT online help for more information prior to updating the sortdc.conf configuration file.

The SORT data collector is available for UNIX and Windows. VxExplorer is supported only on the UNIX data collector.

For information about the SORT data collector, see:

The VRTSexplorer script is no longer supported, and its functionality has been incorporated into the SORT data collector.

Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability documentation for other platforms and releases can be found on the SORT website.