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Veritas InfoScale 7.0: Creating and refreshing a test environment

Level 3

The most persistent and transient requirement of test engineers is to have a testing environment that contains the production data. The testing environment needs to be conducive for both testing and development. Thus, it is essential that the environment is isolated from the production environment so that it does not interfere with any mission critical application or information.

To address this requirement, Veritas InfoScale enables you to create a test setup from a copy of production data without affecting the performance of the production application.

For more information, see:

Creating a test environment.

After creating a test environment, another challenge is to periodically resynchronize the production data on the test environment with the current production data available on the production server. To cater to this requirement, Veritas InfoScale enables you to refresh the data using the FlashSnap feature.

For more information, see:

Refreshing a test environment.

For more information on test environments, see the Veritas InfoScale™ 7.0 Solutions Guide.

For creating multiple test or development environments using the same snapshot, see the following:

  • Mirror breakoff snapshot

See Preparing a full-sized instant snapshot for a backup.

  • Space-optimized snapshot

See Preparing a space-optimized snapshot for a database backup.

  • Veritas File System Storage Checkpoint

See Creating Storage Checkpoints.

For more detailed information, see Storage Foundation Administrator's Guide.

Veritas InfoScale documentation can be found on the SORT website.