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Veritas InfoScale 7.0: Documentation Available

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The products from the Symantec Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions family are rebranded and repackaged under the InfoScale family.

The highlights of the documentation changes are:

  • Common Release Notes for Veritas InfoScale.
  • Common Installation Guide for Veritas InfoScale.

  • Separation of the installation content from the configuration and upgrade content.

  • Configuration and upgrade guide for each Veritas InfoScale component.

  • Updated directory structure for the ‘docs’ directory in the ISO image to reflect the product changes.

  • ApplicationHA and Symantec High Availability Console documents are now available online on SORT. These documents are no longer available with the product binaries.


The documentation for Veritas InfoScale 7.0 is now available at the following locations:

PDF and HTML versions: SORT documentation page

Late Breaking News: 

Hardware Compatibility List: 

Software Compatibility List: 

Manual pages: AIX Linux Solaris  



The Veritas InfoScale 7.0 documentation set includes the following manuals:

Getting Started

  • Veritas InfoScale What's New

  • Veritas InfoScale Solutions Getting Started Guide

  • Veritas InfoScale Readme First

Release Notes

  • Veritas InfoScale Release notes

  • Dynamic Multi-Pathing Release Notes - VMware ESXi

Installation guide

  • Veritas InfoScale Installation guide

  • Dynamic Multi-Pathing Installation Guide - VMware ESXi

Configuration and Upgrade guides

  • Storage Foundation Configuration and Upgrade guide

  • Storage Foundation and High Availability Configuration and Upgrade guide

  • Storage Foundation Cluster File System High Availability Configuration and Upgrade guide

  • Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC Configuration and Upgrade guide

  • Storage Foundation for Sybase ASE CE Configuration and Upgrade guide

  • Cluster Server Configuration and Upgrade guide

Legal Notices 

  • Veritas InfoScale Third-party Software License Agreements

For the complete Veritas InfoScale documentation set, see the SORT documentation page.