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Veritas InfoScale 7.0: Licensing Veritas InfoScale 7.0

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Employee Accredited

You require a license to install and use Veritas InfoScale products.

There are two ways you can register the Veritas InfoScale product license keys:

  • Use key-based licensing

    When you purchase a Veritas InfoScale product, you receive a License Key certificate. The certificate specifies the product keys and the number of product licenses purchased.

  • Use keyless licensing                                                                                                                                                                                                       The license is registered based on the product you install. Within 60 days of choosing this option, you must install a valid license key corresponding to the license level, or continue with keyless licensing by managing the systems with Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager.

You can register the product license keys either manually or by using the installer.

You can use the vxlicinstupgrade utility, if you want to:

  • Upgrade to another Veritas InfoScale product

  • Upgrade a temporary license to a permanent license

  • Manage co-existence of multiple licenses

For more information on licensing Veritas InfoScale products, see:

Veritas InfoScale documentation can be found on the SORT website.