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Veritas InfoScale 7.0 (for Windows): Licensing Veritas InfoScale 7.0

Level 2

To install and use the Veritas InfoScale products, you require a license. You can procure product-specific licenses for InfoScale products from the Symantec license certificate and portal.

During installation, the product installer provides the following options to specify the license details:

  • Keyless

         The license is registered, based on the product you install. Within 60 days of product installation, you must add a valid license key, or add the host as a managed host. Failing this, a non-compliance error is logged every 4 hours in the Event Viewer.

  • User Entered Key

         In case of an User Entered Key license, you must procure an appropriate license key from the Symantec license certificate and portal. The User Entered Key license allows you to use the product options based on the license key you enter.

If you are upgrading the product, the wizard retrieves all the license keys that were installed earlier. You can continue to use the 6.0.x or 6.x license keys. However, note that the features available with the 6.0.x or 6.x license keys will only be enabled after the product upgrade. To enable all the available features, specify a 7.0 license key. Feature-based license keys are not available for 7.0.

For example,

If you upgrade from SFW Standard to InfoScale Storage and continue to use the SFW Standard license keys, the following features that are available with InfoScale Storage will not be enabled:

  • Snapshots
  • Support for Microsoft Failover Cluster
  • Cluster Volume Manager for Microsoft Failover Cluster
  • FastFailover
  • Fast file re-sync
  • Fast mirror re-sync
  • Cluster quorum

NOTE: You cannot install the 7.0 license key over the 6.0.x or the 6.x license key and vice-a-versa.

For the complete Veritas InfoScale documentation set, see SORT documentation page.