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Veritas InfoScale Enterprise 7.1: SmartIO caching profiler tool

Level 3

The Smartassist tool analyzes the I/O on the specified target in the system for the specified time, and calculates the optimal cache size for the workload. To run the tool from Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager (VIOM), refer to VIOM administrator's guide.

Smartassist tool supports following targets:

  • List of device paths
  • List of VxVM or LVM volumes paths
  • List of VxVM or LVM volumes paths
  • List of filesystem mount points
  • Oracle/Sybase/DB2 database instance
  • List of shared volumes/diskgroups of VxVM
  • List of CFS mount points

The tool works in two phases:

Start phase
The tool traces the I/O on the specified target for the specified time and stores the trace output in the specified directory. In case of disk devices, which have multiple paths, it is advisable to specify all the paths to get correct results. Using VxVM or LVM volume devices, in such cases, is more convenient. By default, the start phase runs for 3600 seconds.
Analyze phase
The tool parses the output generated in the start phase and uses the SmartIO algorithms to calculate the optimal cache size. The optimal cache size, read hits, latency gain, performance forecast and share in cache for each target are displayed on the terminal.

For information on downloading and installing the tool, see the readme file on the SORT website.

Veritas InfoScale documentation for other releases and platforms can be found on the SORT website.