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Veritas Operations Manager 6.0: Support for Storage Area Network fabric and switch discovery

Level 3

The Fabric Insight Add-on for Veritas Operations Manager 6.0 lets you discover Storage Area Network (SAN) fabric and switches that are configured in the data center and provides a correlated view of physical connectivity and logical access control (zoning) for your hosts and storage arrays.

The Fabric Insight Add-on lets you discover:

  • Cisco switches, using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
    It discovers virtual SANs (VSANs), switches (including switches in the N Port virtualization mode), switch ports, active zones, zone members and other attributes.
  • Brocade switches, using the HTTP communication or Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) connection to Brocade Network Advisor (BNA)
    It discovers switches, multi-protocol routers, access gateways, virtual switches, active zones, zone members, inter-switch and N Port virtualization(NPV)/N_Port ID virtualization (NPIV) links between the switches, and other properties.

For more information on the SAN switch discovery, see:

To set up switch discovery, you need to first install the Fabric Insight Add-on on the Management Server and then on one or more managed hosts. The configuration requires selecting the discovery host, seed switch, and other vendor- specific parameters.

For more information on setting up switch discovery, see:

Using the Veritas Operations Manager Management Server console, you can refresh, edit, and remove switch discovery.
For more information on these operations, see:

Switch discovery may fail due to the inaccessibility of the switch, invalid user credentials and several other reasons. To learn more about such errors and the information to rectify them, see:

For more information about SAN switch discovery, see:

Storage Foundation and High Availability and Veritas Operations Manager documentation for other releases and platforms can be found on the SORT website.