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Veritas Operations Manager 6.1: Managing LUN classifications

Level 3

Using Veritas Operations Manager Management Server, you can classify the LUNs created in your data center. You can classify them based on one or more parameters, such as:

  • LUN name
  • Vendor
  • Product
  • Array name
  • Replication status of LUN: Whether or not the LUN is replicated
  • LUN type: Thick or thin
  • RAID group
  • LUN RAID level

When you define classifications for LUNs, Veritas Operations Manager stores these definitions as rules in the Management Server. LUN classification is available only when the Storage Insight Add-on is installed and configured on the Management Server. 

To learn more about LUN classification, see:

About LUN classification

Using the storage perspective of the Management Server console, you can create, modify, refresh, and delete LUN classifications. You must have Administrator privileges on the Storage perspective to perform this task.

To learn more, see:

Creating LUN classifications

Modifying LUN classifications

Deleting LUN classifications

Refreshing LUN classifications

Along with these operations, you can also modify the order in which the LUN classifications are applied to the LUNs. When multiple classifications are applicable to a LUN, Veritas Operations Manager uses the classification that appears first to classify the LUN.

For more information about LUN classification order, see:

Modifying the order of the LUN classifications

Storage Foundation and High Availability and Veritas Operations Manager documentation for other releases and platforms can be found on the SORT website.