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Veritas Operations Manager 6.1: Using site-aware service group operations

Level 3

The key service group operations in Veritas Operations Manager version 6.1 are further enhanced by the incorporation of site-level awareness. Using the Management Server console, you can now provide site-related information while performing online, offline, and switch service group operations. With the availability of site information, you can now fail over a service group to another desired site in an event of failure at the local site.

However, for site aware operation, all participating service groups must belong to the same campus cluster. To learn more about site-aware service groups operations, see:

About site aware service group operations

You can use the Availability perspective of the Management Server console to specify the site or the system to fail over the selected service group. For example, you can bring a selected service group online on any system of site A, or take a service group offline on all the systems of site B.

The site-related operation uses multi-site management feature of Veritas Operations Manager. It does not use the SystemZones attribute of Symantec Cluster Server (VCS) service group. For more information on prerequisites and limitations, see:

Prerequisites for using site-related operations on service groups
Limitations of site-related operations on service groups

You can select single or multiple service groups for online, offline and switch operations. These operations are supported for parallel, failover, and hybrid service groups.

For the online and offline operations, you can use a specific system, any system of the selected site, or any available system in the cluster. The online and offline operations are applicable to failover, parallel, and hybrid service groups, or a combination of the service group types. For more information see:

Bringing service groups online

Taking service groups offline

For the switch operation, you can use a specific system, any system of a selected site, or any available system in the cluster. The switch operation is not supported for the parallel service groups. It is available only for failover and hybrid service groups. The site option is available only for the failover service groups. For more information, see:

Switching service groups

Using site aware service groups in the recovery plan:

A recovery plan is a way to group objects, such as Virtual Business Groups (VBS) and service groups. It also lets you define tasks and automatically run them on the objects. If you add a site-aware service group to a recovery plan, you can select the site on which the service group should be brought online or taken offline while executing the recovery plan. For more information, see:

Veritas Operations Manager Management Server User Guide

Storage Foundation and High Availability and Veritas Operations Manager documentation for other releases and platforms can be found on the SORT website.