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Veritas Resiliency Platform 1.1 disaster recovery

Level 2

You can use Resiliency Platform for automated disaster recovery of replicated virtual machines and applications.

Replication in a Resiliency Platform deployment

You use the browser-based console to create resiliency groups of assets (virtual machines or applications) to manage together. You apply DR configuration to resiliency groups to prepare for disaster recovery operations.

Once DR is configured, you can use automated one-click DR operations, such as Migrate or Takeover, on the resiliency groups. Resiliency Platform also provides DR testing, called Rehearsal, to ensure that the remote site is functioning properly.

For more information on DR in Resiliency Platform, see the following topics:

VMware virtual machines

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Hyper-V virtual machines

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An overview of key steps required for disaster recovery of applications

For details on supported replication platforms, virtualization platforms, and applications, refer to:

Veritas Resiliency Platform 1.1 Hardware and Software Compatibility List

You can find other versions of Veritas Resiliency Platform on the SORT documentation page.