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Veritas Risk Advisor: Working with the Comparison Module

Level 2

Veritas Risk Advisor (VRA) is a data protection and downtime avoidance risk assessment solution that lets you diagnose disaster recovery and high availability (clustering) problems (also called “gaps”) and optimize data protection and reduce the risk of downtime.

VRA enables enterprises to effectively manage business continuity implementations to ensure that critical business data is protected. VRA automatically detects and alerts you to any potential gaps, best practice violations, or service level agreement (SLA) breaches.

What is Comparison Module

The Comparison module helps you identify the host configuration drifts hiding in your IT. Such drifts often fail cluster failover processes, and reduce the availability of your organization’s applications. In this module, you can create comparison groups that include hosts, clusters, or business entities, and easily track configuration differences between them.

The Comparison module uses worksheets and comparison groups.


A worksheet is a logical container of comparison groups. It also contains all suppressions and difference monitoring information. Worksheets are defined and saved at the user level, which means that each user has his/her own worksheet.

Comparison Groups

A comparison group is a dynamic group of hosts that you want to compare. The following types of comparison groups are available:

  • Hosts
  • Clusters
  • Business Entities
  • Golden Copy

Each group type behaves differently in terms of the group scope and comparison functionality.

You begin by creating a worksheet, and then by creating comparison groups. Once defined, comparison groups can be assigned to a worksheet.

Once the worksheets and comparison groups are created, you can compare the host configurations with the following options:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Operating System
  • Users and Groups
  • OS Kernel Parameters / Limits

Learning More

For more information on working with Comparison Module, see “Using the Comparison module” in the Veritas Risk Advisor User’s Guide.

You can access the User’s Guide and other VRA documentation in the Documents area of the SORT website.