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Veritas SFHA 6.2: Layered volume enhancements for recovery and snapshots

Level 3

SFHA 6.2 introduces a new enhancement for layered volumes. A layered volume is a virtual Veritas Volume Manager object that is built on top of other volumes. The layered volume structure tolerates failure better and has greater redundancy than the standard volume structure. The enhancement ensures that when storage disconnection and subsequent reconnection happen, only inconsistent regions in the affected sub-volume are synchronized using the FastResync feature.

In case of a storage failure, the mirror of the sub-volume on that storage will be detached and the future I/Os on the sub-volume will be tracked by the DCO
associated with the parent volume. When such a detached mirror is reattached after restoring storage connectivity, only regions that are inconsistent in the mirror will be synchronized using the FastResync feature.

Prior to this release, for a layered volume, if the storage within a mirror of a sub-volume became inaccessible, it led to full synchronization of that mirror when
the storage was reconnected.

For more information about FastResync and layered volumes:

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Veritas SFHA documentation for other releases and platforms can be found on the SORT website.