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VxFS: Understanding the V-3-20837 warning message

Level 4

The Veritas File System (VxFS) fsck command examines VxFS file systems for consistency. Because VxFS file systems record pending file system updates in an intent log, the fsck command typically replays the intent log instead of doing a full structural file system check.

When you run the fsck command to repair a file system, the following warning message may appear:

UX:vxfs fsck: WARNING: V-3-20837: file system had I/O error(s) on user data.

The message suggests that there were one or more I/O errors on user data.

You do not have to take action on this message. However, you should note that the fsck command found data errors. Frequent data errors are often the first sign that a spinning disk is nearing the end of its life. Most modern disk drives include Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART) logic for anticipating failures.

The fsck command can also be used for:

fsck_vxfs (1M) manual pages:

fsck command use cases and fsck_vxfs (1M) manual pages for other releases can be found on the SORT website.