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Storage and Clustering

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PLEASE do NOT post product queries in this forum

This forum was created by SYMANTEC employees to publish details of new announcements an documentation. There are no VERITAS employees monitoring or using this forum. If you have product-related queries, please use these forums: Storage Foundation: ht...

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DFS and Storage Migration

Hi guys, please I need your help... Our environment right now is summarized below:   Existing DFS configuration : 1. Two clustered physical servers used as DFS server with dfs namespace \\\public   2. there are 14 folder links...

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DRA 6.1.1: Documentation available

Documentation for Veritas Disaster Recovery Advisor (DRA) 6.1.1 is now available at the following locations: PDF versions: SORT documentation pageLate Breaking News The DRA 6.1.1 documentation set includes the following manuals: Veritas Disaster Reco...

SFHA Solutions 6.0.1: Use case for setting up policy-managed and administrator-managed databases in the same SF Oracle RAC cluster

In Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) 11g Release 2, Oracle introduced policy-managed databases wherein database resources are dynamically allocated based on policies defined for the cluster. Earlier versions of Oracle RAC required administrators...

VxVM: Understanding the V-5-2-43 error message

The vxdisksetup command enables you to configure a disk for use with Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM). When using the vxdisksetup command, the following message may appear: ERROR V-5-2-43 address: Invalid disk device for vxdisksetup This message is disp...

SFHA Solutions 6.0.1: Managing SCSI-3 disk registrations and reservations using the vxfenadm utility and the vxfenclearpre utility

You can use the vxfenadm utility to troubleshoot and test SCSI-3 disk registrations and I/O fencing reservations. The vxfenadm utility also displays information about I/O fencing operations. For information on the vxfenadm utility for managing SCSI-3...