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Storage and Clustering

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PLEASE do NOT post product queries in this forum

This forum was created by SYMANTEC employees to publish details of new announcements an documentation. There are no VERITAS employees monitoring or using this forum. If you have product-related queries, please use these forums: Storage Foundation: ht...

Marianne by Level 6
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SFHA Solutions 6.2: Documentation available

Documentation for Symantec Storage Foundation and High Availability (SFHA) Solutions 6.2 is now available at the following locations: PDF and HTML versions: SORT documentation page Late Breaking News: Hardw...

Unmirror Second disk (sdb)

HI,   I'm trying to unmirror my second disk sdb in the rootdg but was unable to do it correctly.  Ayy help would be appreciated. The Veritas version is 4.1 and the system is installed with the following RPMs on RHEL 5.0 VRTSvxvm-platform-

rwong by Level 2
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Resolved! Root cause for resource fault in vcs 6.0

Hi Team, We have a AIX 6.0 server in which vcs 6.0  is running resource got faulted and now came online automatically. Submitting some details, We only know that there is something wrong with database listener configuration, however unable to find...

Resolved! Regarding resource grp faults

Hi,     Clearing the faulty resource with this way, Clearing faulted resources in a service group   Clear a resource to remove a fault and make the resource available to go online.   To clear faulted, non-persistent resources in a s...

Regarding Service grp in W_OFFLINE_PROPAGATE

Hi, We have a status  of  W_OFFLINE_PROPAGATE for SAP_RPT_CI_GRP.   O/P is   root@mapls111# hastatus -sum -- SYSTEM STATE -- System               State                Frozen A  mapls111          RUNNING              0 A  mapls222             ...

Resolved! HAD restart countinously

Hi, In my environment, I used hasstart to start the cluster in one node however, it restarts again and again.What are the possible areas in which i have to look for its troubleshooting?

Triggers in vcs

Hi, What are triggers in vcs?If i want to stop some alerting system in vcs do i need to off the triggers? Please help me to analyze it?   Thanks

Resolved! regarding Critical resources in vcs

Hi,   In my environment there is no critical resource defined,I am not sure why they have this type of  configuraton. Is there any other ways to define the criticality of the resources or how vcs manages these conditions if some uncertinity happe...

Resolved! system state FAULTED

> Hi, > > I am having VCS 6.0 running on solaris 10on a 2 node cluster. All the > nodes were rebooted as part of scheduled job, during which i got number > of messages in engine log which i am trying to understand. The sequence > of events in log are...

Switching the service grp manually

Hi Team, I am learning VCS and confuse about, what steps do i need to take while switching service grp manually? in these cases, a) When vcs is hanging b) At maintanance activity in node A and need to switch teh service grp to node B?   Thanks,...