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hastatus show state_admin wait

Dear All,

I have to manual modify the after hastop, to prevent Oracle service and listener startup by VCS, so I run the below step 

1. hastop 

2. Edit  and add "// " 

// requires group Oracle_MultiNIC online local soft
// Oraclde_sit_bkIP requires Oracle_sit_bkIP_NIC
// Oracle_NFS_DataFiles requires Oracle_sit_db_Mount
// Oracle_sit_app_Mount requires Oracle_sitdg_Diskgroup
// Oracle_sit_db_Mount requires Oracle_sitdg_Diskgroup

3. hastart 

root@devuardbs01 # hastatus
attempting to connect....connected

group resource system message
--------------- -------------------- -------------------- --------------------
devuardbs01 STALE ADMIN WAIT: all systems stale

4. root@devuardbs01 # hacf -verify .

Can you advice what is the situation 



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Re: hastatus show state_admin wait


You are posting in the wrong forum... 

VCS forum is over here: